Amazing Glow Body Oil -100ml

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Our body oil is made to deeply hydrate your skin while leaving an amazing floral and vanilla scent that will last for hours on your skin.

With the mediterranean spirit that characterizes all our products, we have selected the top 10 natural ingredients that will provide your skin with all the care it needs, improving hydration, the appearance of stretch marks, scars already contributing great light since the first day.

With 98% natural ingredients and vegan:

To achieve the best results on your skin we have combined very moisturizing oils such as jojoba, argan, almond or rosehip, that will help to reaffirm, protect and repair your skin, with others typical of the Mediterranean climate such as chamomile, rosemary or calendula that provide calming, stimulating and emollient effects.

A mix that converts to this oil in a authentic wonder both for its properties and for its texture, which melts into your skin and is absorbedand immediately.

Natural flower and vanilla essence:

For the experience to be perfect, the essence is fundamental. For this reason, we have chosen the natural essence of our bestseller Bossa Nova, a warm and delicious aroma of flowers and vanilla that will permeate your skin for hours.

Integrate this powerful combination of active ingredients into your daily routine with our Amazing Glow Body Oil and show off radiant skin.

*Suitable for pregnant women, sensitive or atopic skin.

Benefits of using Amazing Glow Body Oil:

  • More radiant and luminous skin since the first day
  • contribute more elasticity and firmness on the skin
  • Help to reduce stretch marks and scars
  • hydrates your skin deeply leaving it juicy
  • List@ in seconds. fast absorption
  • Scented all day

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