Refund policy

Spain (peninsula and balearic islands):

For 50 ml or 100 ml perfume orders we send a sample with each perfume so that the product can be tested before opening the packaging. A sample trial period is allowed for 5 business days to return the perfume. You just have to write to informing of the order number and the desire to return it. Once we receive the package and see that it has not been opened, we will refund the full amount of the purchase, so it has no cost for you.

For Body Mist and 10 ml perfumes we do not charge shipping either, but we do not accept returns.


Returns are not allowed ... It would not compensate for the high cost of shipping 

Steps to make a return

1. Write to the email informing of the order number and the desire to return the product.

2. Oveh will manage together with the user by this same email route one day to collect the product. Within a maximum period of 7 business days, Oveh and the user must find at least one day in which the user can receive the transport company at the address indicated by the user to return the product.

3. The user will have to return the perfume unopened. It is not necessary to return the sample, understanding that it is a gift so that the user can taste the perfume.

4. Once the perfume has been collected, Oveh has a maximum period of 5 working days to verify that the packaging has not been opened, that the product is in good condition and return the cost that the user has paid for the product in full to the account number that the user specifies to Ovéh via email.