Fragancias con valores inspiradas en ciudades del mundo 

Why did we start

Have you ever wondered why there are so few natural perfumes on the market? Or, have you thought if you would buy a perfume before smelling it? We (Jaime and Tamara) is one of the first things we ask ourselves when deciding to undertake and, if you are here, surely you have also made some proposals. Either way or you are just curious, I encourage you to continue reading. We have tried very hard not to bore you.

aroma a pasión, tradición y viajes por el mundo

Passion and motivation

Since he was born, Jaime has lived closely the world of perfume for his family (owner of a famous Spanish brand of eau d´toitettes). I've always loved cosmetics (I often enjoy creating my own creams and combining essential oils to obtain different scents).

The passion for fragrances had been there for a long time, but the motivation came when we asked ourselves these questions and saw that, even today there is still a lot to do to update and keep up with the times.

Ovéh, what means number 5 (the number of luck, of entrepreneurs, travelers and restless like us), was born with the aim of creating perfumes that will make you fall in love and that, in addition, are as natural and sustainable as possible.

We are inspired by places in the world to create our essences. It is the best way for each perfume to have its own soul and inspire you too.

Best fragrances - fair prices

From the first moment, count on excellent ingredients yet fair price (no big margins) has been a priority for us. It's ours brand philosophy and thus we have developed our aromas.

Having less margin has greatly limited us when it comes to investing in advertising, which in a sector as competitive as this is highly recommended. However, we believe in what we do and we know that little by little we will position ourselves thanks to conscious minds like yours.

Clean perfumes, one more step

Regarding natural and vegan formulas, we have come across a market where is it very complicated find suppliers that develop this type of perfumes and that, in addition, are exquisite (that are not mono-note or not very consistent aromas, come on)

This type of creations requires so much experience and knowledge of the natural raw materials that it is only available to a few.

Therefore, we are very happy to announce that!Finally we succeeded! We have not changed our fragrances, only reformulated the ones that had to be "Clean ": Without synthetic dyes, without endocrine disruptors (which alter hormones) and super natural (you can read here our idea of natural / sustainable). Of course, also vegans.

We have launched this new formula with our 20ml perfumes and we will not extend it to the 100ml format at all.

The online barrier, our great challenge

Our second major objective has been and continues to be the digital channel. Getting you to trust us and buy a perfume that you have not smelled is a challenge. 

Now there are more firms with our concept (take a test to discover your ideal perfume, free returns ...) but when we left there was no one (at least that we knew) who gave so many facilities. The purchase of perfumes online was reduced to fragrances that you already knew.


Try and decide

We can say that we have been pioneers sending a sample with the purchase of each perfume for test before opening. This has given the possibility of returning the perfume for free if it does not meet expectations, as well as confidence when deciding to buy.

To take this risk you have to be very sure that your perfumes are wonderful and we are. In our case, more than 10,000 people have already trusted us and less than 1% have returned the perfume.

We are very happy to have been the first to break this barrier, although there is still much to do and we continue at it

Our future is yours

If you have come this far THANK YOU for your interest, from the heart. We also want to be a brand transparent and we are delighted to share our journey, thoughts or emotions with you. This is how we decided to start this adventure, but where we go now is up to you too.

We evolve taking into account every wish, desire or expectation you have to be better. You will see it because from time to time we ask you in surveys and we always respond to messages with doubts, problems or even congratulations. For us, you are the most important.