If a product is natural, does it mean that it is sustainable? If a product is natural, is it also vegan? Is a product with synthetic ingredients worse than a 100% natural one?

We love that you ask yourself these questions! At Ovéh, we are willing to tell you more about these concepts so fashionable lately that due to lack of deep knowledge about them, they are mixed and confused very often.

For this reason, we have created a small dictionary so that you can understand this universe a little better and thus also know our philosophy and values that have driven us to have the perfumes that we have today and of which we are very proud. Come in and read!


Natural cosmetics are those made up of ingredients that come directly from raw materials found in nature and that have not been chemically processed or created in a laboratory.


A product that does not contain ingredients of animal origin or has been tested on them is known as vegan.


Sustainability represents a commitment to respect the use of resources extracted from the earth, with the processes to which they are subjected and the obligation that the waste generated be biodegradable.

So is a natural product better than a synthetic one made in the laboratory? Keep reading and we will tell you

Once these concepts have been differentiated, we can talk about a product being natural but not sustainable, since huge amounts of raw material have been used to produce it and this has a direct impact on the environment. In addition, it can be natural, but contain components of animal origin. Therefore, when considering choosing an option, it is not always necessary to associate natural = good, but rather many other factors must be taken into account. In fact, synthetic components are often the best option to replace ingredients of animal origin, as well as avoiding certain allergens or hormonal disruptors present in natural ingredients.


The mixture of these three concepts that oscillate between sustainable natural ingredients, but also safe and always vegan synthetics is a bet for which many brands have already opted, thus creating the concept of Clean Fragrances.


The Clean Fragrance concept is the path we have been pursuing for a long time. And although we know that there is still a lot to do, our new manufacturing “Carry OnIt is already vegan and contains more than 80% safe natural ingredients, but also safe synthetic ingredients (without endocrine disruptors or synthetic dyes). Our packaging is sustainable and our commitment to a cleaner future is firm.

With this blog we intend to start exploring different topics, all related to our world, so that you can learn a little more about our essence and understand the reason for our exciting adventure of creating perfumes!