Duo Essence Man

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Perfume + Carry On + save € 4.50 | 1x20ml, 1x100ml

Perfect your "essence routine" with this duo. Perfume yourself in the morning with your 100ml perfume and refresh yourself at any time with the Carry on. Smell good all day and save when you buy them together. 

You'll like it if: Smelling good day and night. You cannot live without your perfume.

Product Description
  • Twenty One: Fresh Wood- 100ml + 20ml
  • Khu: Woody Citrus - 100ml + 20ml
  • Hapi: Floral Moss - 100ml + 20ml
Shipping & Returns
All shipments from € 20 are free and arrive in 24 / 48H (working days). In addition, in the orders of perfumes like this we send a sample so that you can try the product and, if it does not convince you, return it for free.
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If your order is to give away and you want it to arrive wrapped and with a message, check the "wrap and personalize" box on the page of trolley and write whatever you want.

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