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3 travel-format perfumes. The third at 50%

Simplify your routine and improve its performance. 

  • Madrid: Citrus and aromatic. A perfect classic for daily and informal events with a fresh and elegant touch.
  • Twenty One: Very masculine woody notes mixed with marine touches that brings freshness. An original mix perfect for every day or for more special moments.
  • Khu: The intensity and richness of this magnificent fragrance based on incense and mandarin will make you stand out on special occasions.

Each of the perfumes in this set is created for different times of the day or occasions. And the travel format, perfect to perfume yourself on the go and take them with you everywhere.

You will like it if: If you like to change perfume according to the day and the occasion.

Clean formulations: vegan, natural, without synthetic dyes or endocrine disruptors.

Set Description
  • Madrid: Citrus Flavored -20ml
  • Twenty One: Fresh Wood- 20ml
  • Khu: Woody Citrus - 20ml
New formulation

At Ovéh our promise is to keep moving forward and we work hard to grow. That is why we are proud to present you our new manufacture. Same great fragrance, with some changes in the formulation that we think you will like.


This product is vegan. Its combination of ingredients is at least 80% natural in origin. Our manufacturing is national, all the suppliers we collaborate with are local and the packaging is recyclable and sustainable.

Shipping & Returns

All shipments from € 20 are free and arrive in 24 / 48H (working days). In addition, in the orders of perfumes like this we send a sample so that you can try the product and, if it does not convince you, return it for free.

Wrap and customize

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