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4 Body Mist + now € 2 | 4x100ml

Float on a cloud with this set made up of our four best sellers. Our four scented mists refresh, hydrate slightly and some even give you a touch of sparkle brilliance.

They can be applied to hair, skin and are perfect when you get out of the shower to be ready in one step, touch up with a light scent or to create your personalized scent by combining them with your favorite cream or perfume.

You will like it if: If light scents are your "go-to" and you are always looking to simplify your beauty routine.

Set Description
  • Gin Fiz: -100ml. Loaded with citrus and bubbly notes, leaves a subtle aroma on your skin and on your clean clothes that does not go unnoticed.
  • Banana Mama: 100ml- Its irresistible blend of tropical notes to perfume your body and hair, will instantly transport you to the warm and tropical beaches of Miami.
  • Late Mimosa: - 100ml. This bodymist with soft floral scent and golden particles smells of tanned skin and sunset in a beach club facing the sea. What's cooler than cooling off by adding a golden effect to your skin and hair?
  • Champagne Supernova: - 100ml. A lovely sweet, juicy and fresh fragrance that leaves a haze of pearly particles. 

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Katarina C.
Love it!!

Love all of them...very subtle,I am spraying them throughout the day to freshen up

Rebeca T.
Spain Spain

Sin más! De perfumes frescos y duraderos!

Elena A.
Spain Spain

Olores agradables y suave textura. Un placer tenerlos.

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